Darren J Moffat wrote:
> LingBo Tang wrote:
>> logindevperm only take effect during login time and connecting
>> removable devices.
>> When previous session end, logindevperm will set these
>> devices back to 'root' to wait for next login regardless
>> whether there is another active session or not.
> So I don't see the point in the symlink ?
> Why can't the logindevperm code just query if the current VT is the 
> active one, without needing a symlink ?

There're two purposes of /dev/vt/active:

1. it makes the configuration in /etc/logindevperm more clear for
users, because we have more virtual consoles for login besides

Before inception review, we just kept "/dev/console" in
/etc/logindevperm, and proposed to extend the meaning of "/dev/console"
to implicitly include all virtual consoles (/dev/vt/*).  This approach
was not clear, and also had the issue with hotpluged devices.

2. devfsadmd will keep compatibility after virtual console project
because it can retrieve uid from login device (here default
is /dev/vt/active ) for hotplug'ed devices.


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