Darren J Moffat wrote:
> Riny Qian wrote:
>>What if we do extend /dev/console meaning to include
>>/dev/console and all /dev/vt# devices in this case,
>>and will do that fix in later case? Is there any impact?
> There could be but it depends on who the future case
> is done.
> I would rather not overload the string "/dev/console"
> to mean /dev/console and any /dev/vt#.

Okey, I take that back, and still keep that /dev/console
just means the system console. I'll update the spec soon.

> What is your timescale for integration of this project ?
> Maybe I can at least get a design for fixing this
> area of Solaris ARC approved before your case is approved.
> ARC can then decided if it is important that you depend
> on it or not.

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