On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 09:21:34AM +0800, Aaron Zang wrote:

> Sorry, I missed your email since there were so many of them.

No problem.

> >Running b124 on a Lenovo T61P. If I do ctrl-alt-F1 from X when
> >options/hotkeys is false, I do not get any ttymon visible, just a blank
> >screen. What is this undocumented option, and why is it necessary?
> >
> >vtdaemon and console-login are enabled as expected.
> vtdaemon was designed to be enabled by default, although it is not the
> case now. So this option could be used to stop switching temporarily
> without disabling the whole service.

I think I'm being a bit dumb: what's the point of enabling vtdaemon when
it doesn't do anything useful without further config? That is, what's
the intention of vtdaemon enabled, hotkeys==false?

Worse, if you accidentally switch without setting hotkeys, then you've
killed your machine - with no way to switch back, a hard reboot is

> There still be some flaws and imperfections, so if you want to us
> VT feature now, please set options/hotkeys true. Otherwise just
> disable the  vtdaemon service.

Do you want me to file a manpage bug so this requirement is documented

> >Also, switching vt means resume fails (never get back the X display). I
> >see this is an old bug, is there a fix planned?
> I think Alan gave a good list of the bugs. I am fixing 6885612 though
> there has already been a workaround available in snv_125.

OK, thanks.


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