On 10/14/09 19:20, John Levon wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 09:21:34AM +0800, Aaron Zang wrote:
>> Sorry, I missed your email since there were so many of them.
> No problem.
>>> Running b124 on a Lenovo T61P. If I do ctrl-alt-F1 from X when
>>> options/hotkeys is false, I do not get any ttymon visible, just a blank
>>> screen. What is this undocumented option, and why is it necessary?
>>> vtdaemon and console-login are enabled as expected.
>> vtdaemon was designed to be enabled by default, although it is not the
>> case now. So this option could be used to stop switching temporarily
>> without disabling the whole service.
> I think I'm being a bit dumb: what's the point of enabling vtdaemon when
> it doesn't do anything useful without further config? That is, what's
> the intention of vtdaemon enabled, hotkeys==false?

There are various reasons for doing so. For example, you lock up your
gnome session, want to leave, and do not want others to switch to
other consoles and login to your desktop.

> Worse, if you accidentally switch without setting hotkeys, then you've
> killed your machine - with no way to switch back, a hard reboot is
> needed.

This is a bug, filed 6891778.

>> There still be some flaws and imperfections, so if you want to us
>> VT feature now, please set options/hotkeys true. Otherwise just
>> disable the  vtdaemon service.
> Do you want me to file a manpage bug so this requirement is documented
> somewhere?

Already have one 6767228.

>>> Also, switching vt means resume fails (never get back the X display). I
>>> see this is an old bug, is there a fix planned?
>> I think Alan gave a good list of the bugs. I am fixing 6885612 though
>> there has already been a workaround available in snv_125.
> OK, thanks.
> regards
> john

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