also sprach Venkatesh Srinivas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2007.11.27.1520 +0100]:
> For files like music or photos or moves, which tend not to be
> changed, what does using a VCS gain for you?

Distributed backups, consistency.

> Also, how does git deal with large (movie-sized) files?


> shuffled out of the inbox. Offlineimap was very slow to sync
> moves between the inbox and saved-messages - it had fallen into a
> mode where a complete sync would have taken ~45/50 days. Perhaps it
> was a problem with my server setup? Perhaps an artifact to trying to sync 
> from a Maildir  with 28k messages? No idea.

I had massive problems too. In the end, it was dovecot's problem:
a combination of Now
that I delete the index cache daily, I can sync a 100'000 message
Maildir in a little less than 2 minutes.

> Also offlineimap doesn't like when a server doesn't report the
> full contents of a mail folder - this can happen when a server
> runs out of memory, for example. In my case, it interpreted the
> mails that the server didn't load as ones that it needed to delete
> and proceeded to delete those messages locally.

Never had that happen.

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