On Sun, Sep 28 2008, martin f krafft wrote:

> also sprach Stéphane Glondu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.09.28.1158 +0200]:
>> I've read topgit's README.source. I am currently experimenting with it.
>> Is there any other source package using topgit?
> None that I know of. It'll be hard to come up with statistics here,
> since topgit is neither a build-dependency, nor a special Vcs-*
> class.

        I am playing with topgit for my pakcages. I, however, am doing
        things differently:
 upstream             <-- non-topgit branch that tracks upstream
 topic--{foo,bar.baz} <-- tg topic branches
 master               <-- used to be integration, and now is the build

        ./debian is a git sub-module in master, and is a separate git
 project.  The ./debian directories in my package are different branches
 of the debian-dir git project (and each has a debiandir-common

        I don't really want to add ./debian/patches directory to keep
 track of previous patch series; and I think we should perhaps add a
 possibility for topgit to generate patch series based on a tag. Then,
 you tag all topic-- branches when releasing, and then would be able to
 extract the patches corresponding to the tag(s) at any time in the

        I'll keep the list posted about the intersection of sub-modules
 and topgit as I get further along.  I'll probably end up writing
 something like git-buildpackage that does not assume that the
 debianization happens in a branch of the same project.

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