martin f krafft wrote:
> Yes and no. Normal tags are in refs/tags. I am proposing the
> refs/top-tags namespace, which is reserved for topgit anyway (topgit
> reserved refs/top-*).

Sorry, I didn't pay attention to this. I guess this needs a special
cloning/pushing/pulling procedure, then? BTW, you don't talk about
pushing/pulling/sharing with others in your quick tuto (but you do talk
about cloning).

> You want to keep files with SHA-1 refs in a branch? I am not sure
> I like that at all. [...]


> [...] First of all, this clearly seems like a feature
> for upstream, [...] 

What do you mean by "a feature for upstream"?

> [...] and second, Git is all about keeping track of refs,
> storing them as payload in a branch seems like patching patch files
> :)

Indeed, it seems so. But I was getting inspiration from pristine-tar. I
guess *.id files that are committed there are not meant to be used
(and/or alterable) by human beings. Do we want this for "historical"
bases and tips of tg branches? I am not really at ease with mixing
"live" and "dead" script-manipulated references in the same place.
Anyway, as long as my tag namespace is not polluted, I guess I could
bear it.


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