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> also sprach Manoj Srivastava <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.09.29.1908 +0200]:
>> My goal is not to have a patch series in a Debian package. My goal
>> is to be able to develop software that is packaged for Debian --
> This argument has been taken ad infinitum on debian-devel. The idea
> of a patch series in the Debian source package is simply to make it
> easier for others to work on your packages. This sounds like
> a worthwhile goal to me, especially if we want to untie some of the
> knots in Debian and open up those bottlenecks (I am not saying you
> are one of them).

        Arguably, we should all use debhelper and use quilt+subversion,
 to make it easier for more people to follow the package. And, really,
 we should all be using rpm or tar.gz. (More people use subversion than
 do understand git).

        At some point we draw a line at popularity, and making things
 easier for everyone else part from the ones currently doing the work).
 I have a line where my productivity and motivation are sufficiently
 negatively impacted that changing to goals to make things easy for
 (potential) contributors at the expense of my workflow results in a

> Anyway, I am not saying that this is the way to go, only time will
> tell which approach(es) are the successful ones. I'd love to see
> some standardisation across distros at some point. If we want to
> continue to scale, I think that's the way forward...

        Standardization does not always mean albsolute elimination of
 diversity. (Or else we can all just use sbversion and rpm and

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