also sprach Stéphane Glondu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.09.30.1019 +0200]:
> >   refs/top-tags/debian/1.0-1/base and
> >   refs/top-tags/debian/1.0-1/tip
> Doing it that way would pollute the tag namespace, IMO.

Yes and no. Normal tags are in refs/tags. I am proposing the
refs/top-tags namespace, which is reserved for topgit anyway (topgit
reserved refs/top-*).

Sure, gitk and the like would still show those refs (as grey refs,
not yellow tags or green branches), but git-tag wouldn't.

> What about keeping this data in a dedicated, special branch, like
> pristine-tar does?

You want to keep files with SHA-1 refs in a branch? I am not sure
I like that at all. First of all, this clearly seems like a feature
for upstream, and second, Git is all about keeping track of refs,
storing them as payload in a branch seems like patching patch files

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