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just a small issue:

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 10:26:31PM +0100, James Westby wrote:
> --------------------
> Event Title: vcs-pkg.org workgroup
> Subtitle: Drafting a roadmap for vcs-pkg.org
> Track: DebConf
> Event type: Workshop (or should it be BoF? There is no explanation)
> Abstract: The vcs-pkg.org project aims to improve package maintenance
> in distributed version control by providing both best practices and
     ^^^^^^^^^^^  are we kicking out non-distributed VCSs, e.g. SVN?
> tools to support those practices. While there has been valuable 
> discussion on the merits of various approaches to parts of the problem,
> the project lacks a clear plan of how it aims to achieve these goals.
> This workgroup will discuss the current state of the project, and come
> up with a proposal for a roadmap for the project which the project as
> a whole can then approve.

Thanks anyways!


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