martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach James Westby <> [2009.04.13.2326 +0200]:
>> Event Title: workgroup
>> Subtitle: Drafting a roadmap for
>> Track: DebConf
>> Event type: Workshop (or should it be BoF? There is no explanation)
> This just happened on IRC in the #debconf channel.
> 21 12:23 < madduck> jhr: is james westby there yet?
> 21 12:23 < madduck> jhr: i was thinking that the 2 hours vcs-pkg session is 
> not going to be enough, and it's also at the end of the conference
> 21 12:24 < madduck> jhr: maybe it would make sense to meet before for a 
> couple of hours, since I think there's quite a lot of fog to wade through.
> 21 12:25 < madduck> i think zack and jamessan will also be interested.
> 21 12:26 < zack> madduck: indeed
> 21 12:26 < madduck> maybe you guys could sign up some bof slots, or somehow 
> else arrange for the possibility to meet for a couple of hours
> 21 12:26 < madduck> maybe over beers at night? maybe in the morning?
> 21 12:27 < jelmer> madduck: james said he
> 21 12:27 < jelmer> 'll arrive on thursday
> Would someone (who agrees) please volunteer to organise this?
> I won't arrive until Saturday.

I wouldn't know how to do this from here, and given that it's my first
Debian event it would take me a while to work out who to talk to :-).
If someone who is there can organise something officially that would
be great. Otherwise we could just pick a day and time on the list and
meet up to discuss.



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