also sprach James Westby <> [2009.04.13.2326 +0200]:
> If any DebConf attendees have a radically different proposal then I
> suggest you go ahead and submit it, as the deadline is on the 15th
> of this month, and we can then decide which of the proposals to
> withdraw afterwards (if any).

Looks good to me. Thanks a lot!

also sprach Stefano Zacchiroli <> [2009.04.14.1026 +0200]:
> > Event type: Workshop (or should it be BoF? There is no
> > explanation)
> I think it should be a BoF, but Martin can probably provide more
> info about that.

My fellow DebConf organisers have not yet understood what BoFs
really are -- registering them in advance goes against the core

Workshop should be fine.

also sprach Jan Hauke Rahm <> [2009.04.14.1031 +0200]:
> > Abstract: The project aims to improve package maintenance
> > in distributed version control by providing both best practices and
>      ^^^^^^^^^^^  are we kicking out non-distributed VCSs, e.g. SVN?

I always try to say "modern" VCS, instead of distributed. The
problem with SVN and all the other centralised VCS is not that they
are centralised, but that they basically don't know what merges are.
They pretend to merge, and SVN 1.5 even pretends to keep track of
what it merges, but in the end it just stays brittle IME. YMMV of
course. Lack of merging could get in the way, if we decided to make
merges an integral part of the workflow.

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