Guido Günther a écrit :
> [...] Finding the branching point can be done by looking at
> the ancestors of the merge commit (if one needs to identify it).

Sure. But you have to look at your history.

> [...] If I understand things correctly in your workflow you'd have to
> identify the tag or branch of the "old" upstream version first and pass
> that on to dom-apply-patches? (This could as well be automated of course
> by looking at the "right" tag).

Right. For branches in the packaging, I create also two branches anyway:
one for debian packaging, and another one for upstream (e.g. sid/master
and sid/upstream), and adapt debian/gbp.conf accordingly in the debian
branch. dom-apply-patches looks at debian/gbp.conf by itself (but
unfortunately, dom-save-patches doesn't work symmetrically... yet, these
scripts are still WIP I guess).

>>> git branch patch-queue/lenny lenny
>>> git quilt-import debian/patches/series
>> IMHO, this is really not convenient.
> What does the "not convenient" refer to? 

Basing the patch queue on the debian branch. But maybe it's due to the
way I work: I already do many rebases while working on my local debian
branch and I don't touch upstream sources so much.



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