Guido Günther a écrit :
> Looks pretty similar to what I do except that you use upstream while I
> use the debian branch as the base.

This is done on purpose ;-)

Actually, my (and Mehdi's) workflow is largely inspired on yours, the
only thing I changed is basing the patch-queue branch on upstream (and
not pushing it to the central repository).

I find basing the patch-queue branch on the upstream one more convenient
because it's much easier to reference the branching point. In this
regard, basing patch-queue on master doesn't really make sense to me
and/or leads to too much "useless" rebasing (at least with the way I work).

> I do that so I can have different
> patch-queues for different debian releases like:
> patch-queue/master
> patch-queue/lenny
> patch-queue/bpo-lenny
> patch-queue/experimental

I don't really see the benefit of keeping patch-queue branches around,
and I even think they are troublesome. Having each queue serialized in
its branch's debian/patches is enough, isn't it?

> The branch point for the patch-queue branch would then always be the tip
> of the corresponding debian branch, like:
> git branch patch-queue/lenny lenny
> git quilt-import debian/patches/series

IMHO, this is really not convenient.



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