Guido Günther <> wrote:
> > Aren't Mehdi and Guido basically doing the same thing?  From what I
> > understand, the only difference is that Guido uses git-rebase, while
> > Mehdi manually applies the old patches to a new branch (which is exactly
> > what git-rebase does).
> I think they're pretty similar. I'm just not sure how Mehdi reimports
> the patch series onto the patch-queue branch. I'm doing this as

My understanding is that he deletes the branch, recreates a new one off
of upstream, and re-populates it from debian/patches.  As I pointed out,
this is exactly what git-rebase does (apply old patches to a new branch
point), assuming that patch-queue has not changed since.

If you're working solo, I fail to see the advantage; but for
collaborative work, the fact that it is based on a branch with linear
history (whether master or your integration branch) instead of
patch-queue might be of help.

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