Guido Günther a écrit :
> On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 04:37:46PM +0000, Frédéric Brière wrote:
>> martin f krafft <> wrote:
>>>    The workflows I know currently are: my topgit workflow, Mehdi's
>>>    quilt workflow, and Guido's git-buildpackage approach. There my
>>>    be others.
>> Aren't Mehdi and Guido basically doing the same thing?  From what I
>> understand, the only difference is that Guido uses git-rebase, while
>> Mehdi manually applies the old patches to a new branch (which is exactly
>> what git-rebase does).
> I think they're pretty similar. I'm just not sure how Mehdi reimports
> the patch series onto the patch-queue branch. I'm doing this as
> described here:

I use some scripts :

- Before creating a patch (eventually depending on one already present
in the patch series), I call dom-apply-patches[1].
- When I'm done with editing patches, I call dom-save-patches[2].

So, yes I create a fresh branch everytime as Frédéric pointed out. The
details are in [1] and [2]. It's clearly useless when working solo but
makes things a bit simpler when working within a team.



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