Simon Baxter wrote:
>> That card works fine, in fact its recommended by many vdr users. Here is
>> the scoop.
>> The card does NOT do HDTV decoding in hardware.  It will do it in
>> software assuming the modulation is QPSK, (it does NOT support 8PSK
>> commonly used for HDTV at least here)  The card is used like a budget
>> card if you are doing HDTV.
>> The "j2" mod on that board is done incorrectly.  It does NOT have the
>> proper circuitry to work "out of the box", (It does NOT do component,
>> only RGB).  It is NOT terminated properly.  It does post a risk of
>> damaging the card if things are incorrectly wired.  Correctly wired and
>> terminated the RGB out works excellent.
>> Any other questions?
> I'm confused.  I thought component video was RGB?  s-video uses luminance 
> and chrominance, component uses RGB - am I wrong?

Component video is "color difference",  S video is very similar to
component, as there is a Y(luminance) but there are 2 color signals
instead of one (R and B), the "difference" between R and B, makes G.  
RGB contains much more video bandwidth then component video.  Svideo
cannot handle HDTV, Component and RGB can.

> The SCART pinout says "RED/Chroma pin 15", "RED/Chroma GND pin 13", "Green 
> pin 11", "Green GND pin 9",  "Blue pin 7", "Blue GND pin 5".
> How do you go about terminating the RBG from J2 properly?  What can this be 
> connected to?

Usually you need the filters and the termination resistors, and
depending on where you live, RGB devices may or may not be common.
(Think SCART)

> So the tuner will tune QPSK HDTV channels, which can be recorded or 
> displayed with vdr-xine or softdevice, but the MPEG decoder won't output 
> them.  What's the best setup to use this then?  Do you run vdr-xine or 
> softdevice all the time and ignore the FF bit - to support TV and HDTV?  Or 
> just start vdr-xine when you tune to an HD channel?  What does the MPEG 
> decoder output when tuned to HDTV?
> Is there a better FF HDTV card with component/s-video MPEG decoder?

I have 3 DVB-s cards in one machine, 1 is a FF, the other 2 are budget. 
I run in softmode using softdevice 100% of the time.  Even though I
don't receive and HDTV at all, using the output of a VGA card into a LCD
projector produces a much better picture.

The advantage to the FF card, is that it will work in a slow computer as
the card does all the

Displaying HDTV will need a powerful computer.
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