You may want to go for a hardware solution ..

would make 250 Films √° 3GB .. 
let's assume: 3GB equals 1 hour and think of: max. 8 hours per day viewing
would mean you have more than 30 days, "instant fun" ..

-> So coding, testing, bug fixing costs a lot more than a new hard drive ..
go and get yourself a new hard disc  :-)
And I am not kidding ..

And if you think of HTDV in germany: h264 is on it's way, which is "one
more" then DivX, which is h263. So within short time you have high defition
TV with high compression.


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Most of my VDR movies are between 2 and 3 GB in size.
I assume that there would be no noticeable loss of quality, if I would
convert them to DivX movies of about half the size, maybe also removing any
unwanted sound tracks.

This could even be done automatically by a background process.

However, that would be inconvenient, because now I would have to check both
the Recordings menu and the Mplayer plugin to look for a recording.

So, I wonder if it would be easy to make that transparent, so there is only
one user interface that takes me to all recordings.


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