On 21 Oct 2006, at 11:36, C.Y.M wrote:

I think that
Udo has brought up a very good point about why mplayer is "immune" to
the a/v
desync problem when just using mpegpes to forward the video to the FF
dvb card.

What VDR sends to the FF DVB card *is* MPEG-PES. I wouldn't know
what to do differently - but apparenty mplayer does some magic,
so if this can be found out, it might help.

ACK. I hope that someone who understands the mpegpes code in mplayer can shed some light on this. What kind of repacking is mplayer doing that fixes this problem. It is definitely not transcoding the video. All it is doing is
forwarding the video to the dvb card via mpegpes.

Maybe this is related to a problem encountered with too fast processors and recording playback on softdevice? The problem seems to be too much processor time being spent in dvbplayer.c, resulting in frame dropouts every other second.

Torgeir Veimo

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