whoMAN wrote:
mplayer uses either LAVC or FAME [depending on how mplayer was compiled/configured] to convert EVERYTHING to MPEG1 before it is sent to the DVB Device. In essence, it transcodes in realtime.

Not too efficient, but since transcoding to MPEG 1 takes little resources, most people probably don't notice.

Once again, this is impossible. Really.

My CPU is a VIA C3-600 CPU, and its really too slow to transcode *anything*. If I force transcodung with -vf lavc=1000, the CPU load is 99% and the video plays at 40% original speed only. Just decoding the mpeg2 stream eats up 75% CPU alone, without audio and without displaying.

Without forcing transcoding, the CPU load is 10% and no frames get dropped. This is roughly 25 times faster than with lavc=1000.



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