I felt real optimistic after such a long thread on the subject but it seems
to have died off again with no real resolve (that I'm aware of).  I thought
people had finally agreed that the problem was in vdr, something it wasn't
doing that it should be to preserve sync.  Unfortunately it seems I
misunderstood and there is still (or was rather) whether it's a vdr or
firmware issue.

Logic still says that if mplayer can play vdr recordings just fine without
losing sync, but vdr can't, the problem is with vdr, not the firmware.  To
troubleshoot you compare the differences between working & not working, then
factor out the things they have in common.  In this case, the same firmware
and drivers are used, thus not where the problem lays.

Although no progress has been made (again, that I'm aware of), I still
appreciate the time & effort of all who participated in the other thread!
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