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> >>>> These debs, what are they?  How do I use them?  I'm a new ubuntu user
> >>>> and I'd love to be able to use xine (for vdr head) on ubuntu this
> >>>> without having to compile it myself..
> >>> <URL:http://www.youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk/progs.etch.html>
> >>> I don't know if they're installable on whichever Ubuntu release you're
> >>> using (guess: edgy). Chances are, however, that they are.
> >>> The best way to install them is by using the 'deb' line given on the
> >>> above page and installing via an apt front end (typically aptitude,
> >>> apt-get or synaptic).
> >>> [snip]
> >> I'll let you know how it goes..
> > OK.  newbie time..  When I try to apt-get update I get the following error:
> > ---
> > W: GPG error: http://zap.tartarus.org testing Release: The following
> > signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not
> > available: NO_PUBKEY B012AD8CF19F599F
> > W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems
> > ---
> Download the key for it (the "(linux)" link at the bottom of the page, or
> the link which I've just added nearer the top). Once you have it:
>   # apt-key add pubkey.gpg
Err, I swear I looked.  I said to myself, now whats logical?  That the
key is hidden somewhere??  No.  It has to be on these pages..  So I
looked.  Obviously you have just updated the template for those pages
now that I highlighted the pgp stuff was missing. right?  Right?

> > And, when I issues apt-cache  showpkg vdr;
> > It tells me about both versions available to me (of which, yours is not the
> > preffered source!)  How can I select your source, or how can I make your
> > source trusted?
>   $ man apt_preferences
> Edit /etc/apt/preferences. You probably want something like:
>   Package: *
>   Pin: release o=www.youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk
>   Pin-Priority: 550
Again, thanks for the tip.  Can't wait to have working vdr and not
have to compile it myself (I am in the process of switchingfrom
Gentoo.  Which I like, but my PC is just not fast enough for, and I
could never get X working un it.

OK.  I tried to install xine last night.  I have some rather complex
dependancy problems.  I'm using all ubunuto apt-get servers and then
your apt-get server.  Basically, the packages on your site depend on
versions of software that ubuntu doesn't see to supply.  I'm not there
now, but so far, all the software seems to be listed; the errors says
thinks like:

depends on package_version-1.2.3 but only package_version-1.2.2 is available
E: Dependancy break or error.

Soo. Yes.  I'm guessing there are some other "bleeding edge" software
repositories that I need to enable as well??

> [snip quoted .sigs]

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