Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
> i can see many of us are seeking for the right hardware for vdr, so i
> am. i want to start some discussion about the upcoming Sony PS3 as an
> vdr client on steroids. as it will support linux out of the box, it
> seams logical to, at least, think about it. i came to the following
> pro/contra list:
> pro: it supports HD (and Blue-Ray), is small and living room ready,
> comes with linux, has powerful CPU, you get a gameconsole for free ;-)
> contra: gets hot, likly DRM locked in some regards, it's a sony
> the last point may be even not so bad, as sony loses money on each
> selled device.
> so what do others think about this idea? anything i have not thought
> about that makes it even impossible to run vdr (or some other softdevice
> client) on the PS3?

I'd say the only downside of the Linux support kills it as a VDR platform.

Graphic is NOT accelerated.

That's the only downside i'm aware of, and i can understand Sony a little in 
this point.
Otherwise all game developers could just skip paying licensing royalties and 
just develop for [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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