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Looks like the CAM is recognized all right.

Please enable the lines

static bool DumpTPDUDataTransfer = false;
static bool DebugProtocol = false;
static bool DumpPolls = false;
static bool DumpDateTime = false;

in ci.c by changing them to 'true' and compile/run VDR again,
stderr into a file, as in

  ./vdr 2> ci.txt

Then send me the resulting output after trying to switch to an

Everything looks fine, the CaPmt is sent to the CAM and the
communication with the CAM is stable. It should work.

Can you please do the same with VDR 1.4 and send me the result of
that, too?
Here you are.
Ah, now I see the difference:

3: ==> Ca Pmt
     4  --> 00 01 A0 2F 01 90 02 00 03 9F 80 32 26 03 01 35 01 00 07
01 09 04 0B 00 E0 68 02 02 06 00 00 04 02 AE 00 00 04 02 AF 00 00 04
02 AC 00 00 04 02 AD 00 00

Slot 1: ==> Ca Pmt (3) 3 3
     1: --> 00 01 A0 10 01 90 02 00 03 9F 80 32 07 03 00 00 01 00 01 03

For some reason VDR 1.4.4 sends the CA descriptors in the CaPmt, while
VDR 1.5.0

Please post the channels.conf entry for the channel you are trying to
tune to.

Also, just to make sure: are you using plain vanilla VDR 1.5.0 or are
any patches involved?


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Here are the channels that VDR 1.5.0 cannot tune to:


Canal+ Film

Canal+ Film

Canal+ Film

Canal+ HD;Telenor:330000:C0M256:C:6900:512:640;641=eng:580:1:3306:0:22:0
Canal+ Sport 1;Telenor:266000:C0M128:C:6900:514:670=fin:577:1:305:0:9:0
Canal+ Sport

Ah, just as I thought.

Please set the CA parameter of these channels to 0 (FTA) and tune to them again.
VDR should automatically insert the correct CA values then.

From the HISTORY:

- Ca values in the range 0...F in channels.conf can still be used to assign a 
  to a particular device, but this will no longer work with encrypted channels 
  without valid CA ids VDR can't decide which CAM slot to use. However, since 
VDR now
  automatically determines which CAM can decrypt which channel, setting fixed
  channel/device relations should no longer be necessary.


Oh, should have read that HISTORY more carefully, though it still not clear to me, after reading that part of HISTORY, that i should change the channels.conf file. Maybe that could be impressed in a way that would make it clear, even for me? But anyway, now it works, though only for one channel at time as stated in the vdr's log. Is that a hardware specific restriction?

Thanks for helping out.


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