Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Heikki Manninen wrote:
On su, 2007-01-14 at 14:48 +0100, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

Your CAM doesn't respond to the QUERY that VDR sends to it.
So VDR can't ask the CAM whether it is able to decrypt a certain
channel (in addition to others it is already decrypting).
So it's a hard-/firmware restriction of your CAM.

The only CAM I have here that actually can decrypt more than one
channel is the Alphacrypt with firmware revision 3.09.
Conax 4.00e is able to decrypt 2-3 channels at the same time. Although
when used with VDR 1.5.0 it is not. Also when using previous versions of

If the CAM doesn't respond to a QUERY, then how is VDR supposed to
know whether it can decrypt more than one channel at a time?

Didn't mean that it is supposed to. Just informed you to let you (and others) now that sometimes it's possible :)

VDR you have to fake fixed receiver number in the channels.conf for this
to be possible - if you put in B00 it doesn't work anymore :) It's
sometimes a bit unrealiable but works.

VDR 1.4 used the FIRST/MORE/LAST method to send multiple CaPmts.
Since some CAMs apparently don't handle this correctly, I changed
that to the simpler ADD/UPDATE method, which should be supported
by any CAM that can decrypt more than one channel.

Can you please check if there is a newer firmware for the Conax CAM
and maybe try that?

Hmm.. have to try. Although I'm not aware how to do it. Should it be able to update from the broadcast signal?

Heikki M

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