Petri Helin wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Please set the CA parameter of these channels to 0 (FTA) and tune to
>> them again.
>> VDR should automatically insert the correct CA values then.
>>> From the HISTORY:
>> - Ca values in the range 0...F in channels.conf can still be used to
>> assign a channel
>>   to a particular device, but this will no longer work with encrypted
>> channels because
>>   without valid CA ids VDR can't decide which CAM slot to use.
>> However, since VDR now
>>   automatically determines which CAM can decrypt which channel,
>> setting fixed
>>   channel/device relations should no longer be necessary.
>> Klaus
> Oh, should have read that HISTORY more carefully, though it still not
> clear to me, after reading that part of HISTORY, that i should change
> the channels.conf file. Maybe that could be impressed in a way that
> would make it clear, even for me?

Ok, will do.

> But anyway, now it works, though only for one channel at time as stated
> in the vdr's log. Is that a hardware specific restriction?

Your CAM doesn't respond to the QUERY that VDR sends to it.
So VDR can't ask the CAM whether it is able to decrypt a certain
channel (in addition to others it is already decrypting).
So it's a hard-/firmware restriction of your CAM.

The only CAM I have here that actually can decrypt more than one
channel is the Alphacrypt with firmware revision 3.09.


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