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For some reason I can not get it to load automatically with udev settings. There is a

There is a what?
There was something braking my thoughts. Dont really know now what I was going to say :) I'll get back to that if it comes to mind.
You could add matroxfb to /etc/modules.
There is no /etc/modules file in FC but there is rc.modules in which I have matroxfb.
I'm using a statically compiled matroxfb.  I've used vdr+softdevice for
almost 2 years now, and I haven't had any problems for about a year.
(I reported quite a few issues that were fixed.)
I selected vdr+softdevice with matrox because I've read so many good things about it. Like small cpu resource needs since I've got only PII 550.

I have a Celeron running at 900 MHz, and the CPU load is around 60%.
The VGA output of the Matrox saves some 10% or 20% of CPU, because
the colour space transformation can be avoided.  But I'm using the
TV output with a self-built Matrox to SCART cable.
I have a self-built cable also.
What should I do to get debugging info since there is nothing in the syslog.

Attach strace to the vdr process to see the system calls.  Redirect the
output to a file, and kill vdr after a couple of seconds.

Or start OProfile with opcontrol for a few seconds during the CPU
diversion.  After opcontrol --stop, you can view the statistics with
something like opreport -l /path/to/vdr|less

I don't know if the Pentium II implements any performance counters.
I've only run OProfile on Celeron and later processors from Intel and AMD.

My typo, I ment PIII 550 :)
Log shows that vdr seems to have started normally and I can get a picture which ofcource is a slideshow of still pictures because of the cpu load. Normally changing to a radiostation drops cpu load to some 5% but even that dont have any effect. Only restarting vdr helps.

Can poor antenna signal cause something like this? Normally I have cable at home and I and constructing a "new" vdr to be taken to my summer home where we have aerial. At home my dvb-t signal if avfully poor.

Poor antenna signal used to crash softdevice, but I'm not sure about the
CPU load.  I usually have very good reception, so I cannot say.  Does it
make any difference if you suspend the output of softdevice?

I have to test this out. top shows that its vdr that takes all the cpu but I hav to use one of the methods you mentioned to check the real reason.

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