Gregoire Favre wrote:

>> The difference is, that a QUATTRO LNB supplies the 4 bands (Horizontal
>> Low, Vertical Low, Horizontal High and Vertical High) on specific ports
>> on its own, while a QUAD LNB needs voltage and tone signalling on each
>> port to decide which band it supplies to that port.
>> Would you mind providing some links to documentation about your LNB and
>> switch models?
> Sure :
> http://www.radio-materiel.ch/scripts/rama/fiche.html?ref=VNE-G3%2FG4
> which point then to :
> http://www.radio-materiel.ch/new_design/radiomateriel/download/liens/vneg3g4.pdf
> ( http://www.radio-materiel.ch/scripts/rama/fiche.w?ref=BISAT-G3 )
> http://www.radio-materiel.ch/scripts/rama/fiche.html?ref=IDLP-401QDL
>> Maybe it has to do with the QUAD - QUATTRO issue, but let me first have
>> a look into your documentation.
> Well, it's pretty small docs... basically my quad lnb are exactly the
> same as four lnb would be.

I must admit, I didn't think of such a scenario. So for now, I think
your diseqc.conf is correct. Your switch seems to use the DiSEqC message
to select one of three LNBs while voltage and tone tell the LNB which of
the 4 bands it shall pass on to the cable.

To just prove my understanding:
Your VDR is able to switch to all three satelites, but from time to time
you get those tuning timeouts. Reloading the drivers fixes this issue
and VDR can then switch to all three satellites again.

>> Hhm, these settings only help in determining high/low band and the
>> frequency to tune to. I first need to take a look into the code how
>> kaffeine and xine-lib pass the information about the port to use to the
>> DVB driver.

Haven't had a look at this yet.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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