I'm using VDR4You distribution, and I don't want to install kaffeine on it.
I want to keep it small ;)

I need to check if vdr is sending something that is not suposed to.
Note that  vdr works for channels on LNB1 if you disable diseqc in the


On 1/29/07, Gregoire Favre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 01:32:16PM +0000, Ilariu Raducan wrote:
> I also have problems with 4 quad LNBs on a diseqc switch (1.0 and
> 2.0)
> If I plug out the cable from the card and plug it back again (reset
> and LNBs)
> I can use szap to change the channels. I believe the quad LNBs have
> switch
> inside and at reset they are in backward compatible mode (Tone/Voltage).
> In Diseqc specifications/recommendations they recommend the diseqc LNB
> should ignore responding
> to Tone/Voltage commands when they receive one diseqc command.
> Unfortunately, I did not find the proper diseqc commands for the LNBs.
> I will try today a workaround to reset the LNB before sending the
> diseqc.conf sequence in backward compatible mode:
> - switch to another LNB (hope the power will be cut for the one I need
> the channel)
> - do the sequence for current channel
> t v [E0 10 38 FF]  W500 (switch to LNB4 and wait 500) [E0 10 38 F0] W100
> W15 t (switch to LNB1, wait for power to stabilize, use back compatible)
> If I am lucky enough the switch will cut the power for the LNB1 when I
> switch to LNB4.
> Does anybody knows the Diseqc commands for Quad LNBs??

Very stangely, under kaffeine here all runs perfectly ???
Did you also try to use your quiete similar setup under kaffeine ?

I have tried an hudge number of setup, including diseqc reset, resent of

Maybe there is only two VDR user with quad lnb in the world using
diseqc ?
Grégoire FAVRE  http://gregoire.favre.googlepages.com

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