Any obstacles in the way, like trees or so? There is something that’s called
Fresnel zone, which can be painful.

Any oscillating frequencies in your PC that may interfere the ~1GHz ZF

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you are amazing. You put very much work into helping me. I guess one
day, I will have to buy you a beer or two :-)
> Pro7, Sat1 comes Vertical
> ZDF,ARD,RTL comes horizontal.
> If this is a pattern, can it be that you LNB is twisted? So H/V is not
> perfectly set up?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. As written in one of my many
messages, EinsPlus can be received without a problem. And if I
understand the information in the channels.conf correct, it comes
Horizontal as well. And RTL is looking good as well ...

Damn, there has to be a pattern/reason
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