Hello Rob,
>>> there is a plugin Femon available - much nicer output! You should
>>> check it
>>> out! Then you have clear text messages.
>> Problem here is, I don't have access to the regular VDR OSD.
> I think it's worth using your ubuntu system to get to the vdr interface
> every now and then..

ok, I am now running vdr-sxfe and I have the OSD. Thanks for kicking
me in my behind :-)

Under http://theinternet.dyndns.org/~pos/Bildschirmfoto-VDR.png

is a screenshot displaying the signal information.

I have switched a little bit around, and a couple of the ARD
channels, like EinsExtra, EinsFestival and EinsPlus work fine,
ZDFtheaterkanal, ZDFdokukanal and ZDFinfokanal do exhibit the
problem, that BER and UNC contains numbers != 0, not large always
maximum 2 (hex)digits, but none the less.

Assuming I have crossed some high and lowband connection between the
multiswitch and the dish, am I right to assume, that I would get no
picture at all?
Best regards

Peer Oliver Schmidt
PGP Key ID: 0x83E1C2EA

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