Pro7, Sat1 comes Vertical
ZDF,ARD,RTL comes horizontal.

If this is a pattern, can it be that you LNB is twisted? So H/V is not
perfectly set up?

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Hello martin,

thanks for your patience.

> Okay .. but you still can reduce your system down to one DVB-S card .. 

Yes, that I will do.

> So, what do you plan to prove that your multiswitch is not broken?

I've changed it to another one.

> What do you do to doublecheck, that your sat dish is correctly set up?

Ups, this sounds like I angered you. Sorry, if I did.

If the dish is misaligned, I assume I would have problems in all 
channels, wouldn't I?

Off upstairs to remove all but one card, and see what happens.
Best regards

Peer Oliver Schmidt
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