Kartsa wrote:
> Kartsa kirjoitti:
>> I have been running vdr now for a couple days with
>> #define PLAYERBUFSIZE  MEGABYTE(64) in dvbplayer.c
>> and for now it seems like better as in no stuttering. But I am still
>> testing it.
> Okey, I've had this setting in action for a week or so now and it is
> definitely better. There is still sometimes some stuttering but it is so
> suttle that it is barely noticeable. With MEGABYTE(1) the video
> occasionally stopped for a second and then stuttered for about 5 seconds
> and then resumed normal operation (with lesser cpu it could be
> stuttering to the end of the recording).

As mentioned earlier in this thread, I had also sometimes noticed a similar 
"video halts for a few seconds, then resumes and stutters for a few seconds".
After recommending it to you, I have also increased PLAYERBUFSIZE to 64MB
and I have not noticed the problem ever since.

So there is a high probability that increasing PLAYERBUFSIZE improves matters.

Maybe it should not be fixed, though, since a machine with very little RAM
may suffer from thrashing if the VDR footprint is increased that much.

I wonder if it should be configurable or if there would be an automatic
way of determining the "right" size (i.e. start with 1 MB, then double
it on every stutter and remember the value in the setup.conf file).

> Could the chosen file system be causing this? I use LVM creating one
> partition on two disks and then I create one xfs on that partition. The
> disks are sata as mentioned earlier.

I do not think so.
Maybe S.M.A.R.T., maybe hardware, but not the file system.
I am using XFS on individual (mostly PATA) disks over NFS.


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