Kartsa wrote:

> I also applied both of those changes and have not yet seen either of the
> errors in the log.
> I do have thosa same log entrys as morfsta especially if I have more
> than two recordings going on while I am watching a previous recording.
> \\Kartsa
> Morfsta kirjoitti:
>> I made the mods to VDR as you suggested but haven't seen either entry
>> in the log file yet.

I've just checked remux.c: the c...Repacker messages are logged using
esyslog() while the suggested changes use dsyslog().

So either change dsyslog() to esyslog() or check the commandline of VDR
whether it includes "-l 3" (log debug messages) and depending on your
system setup, debug messages might get logged to a different file.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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