Reinhard Nissl kirjoitti:
I also applied both of those changes and have not yet seen either of the
errors in the log.

I do have thosa same log entrys as morfsta especially if I have more
than two recordings going on while I am watching a previous recording.


Morfsta kirjoitti:

I made the mods to VDR as you suggested but haven't seen either entry
in the log file yet.

I've just checked remux.c: the c...Repacker messages are logged using
esyslog() while the suggested changes use dsyslog().

So either change dsyslog() to esyslog() or check the commandline of VDR
whether it includes "-l 3" (log debug messages) and depending on your
system setup, debug messages might get logged to a different file.
So I added "-l 3" to my vdr commandline since it was much easier :) Lets see if there starts to be log entrys.

Allthough I did mention earlier having out of sync problems while watching a recording I noticed that if I rewieved the same recording with no other recordings going on there were no sync problems. Also I tried watching the same recording on another vdr over the network there were no sync problems even if there were recordings going on in the source vdr. But as soon as there were recordings going on in the vdr that I was using for watching out of sync started to appear. And I used nfs not streaming.


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