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On Wednesday 14 February 2007 15:24, Andrew Herron wrote:
Does anyone know if the Logical Channel Numbers that are used in the UK
on Freeview DVB-T transmissions are currently handled by VDR in anyway?
I'm pretty sure that they're currently ignored. I tend to hand edit my channels.conf every now and then to make sure channels are in the corerct order with their correct numbers.

The scan utility can output a vdr-format channels.conf with the channel numbers included, too.

I've had trouble in the past with VDR disagreeing with the format used
by the output of scan so I've written a script which compares VDR's
channels.conf with the output of scan with Freeview numbering and
outputs a new file with VDR's channel data but resorted and with the
Freeview numbering added.

It uses some file locations etc which are specific to Debian and my
local transmitter, but it can easily be altered by changing the
upper-case variables near the top of the script.

I like the idea of this, but I am wondering how we could adapt it to create channel lists for other networks.

As an idea what about parsing a webpage from lyngsat for Sky UK channel numbers and ordering the channels in that way, or Sky Italia, TPS etc.

Or even all of them, but having a 1 in front.. so channel 1101 Would be BBC 1, but 2101 Rai Uno etc..

Or is this a silly idea..?

I will look over the script a bit later.. :-)

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