Andrew Herron wrote:
Hi Rob,

I think might be a better place to start for what you are trying to achieve... as you can point it at a TV listing web site and extract all the EPG data for the channels listed apparently based on my reading of threads on this list that is!

Yes, but not quite the same.

What I am after is an ordered channel list in the same order as the official decoders from different providers. ie, someone from outside the UK wouldn't necessarily know that the channels go:

BBC 1, 2 , ITV 1, Ch 4, five.  Then BBC 3, 4 etc.

I know when I moved to Italy from the UK it took me about a year to work out that Rete 4, Canale 5 were followed by Italia 1..

The channel numbers for several providers are already in Lyngsat, with the channel frequencies and tsid's.. Why not extract the info and build an ordered channel list for vdr in the operator designated order?

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