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> I've had trouble in the past with VDR disagreeing with the format used
> by the output of scan so I've written a script which compares VDR's
> channels.conf with the output of scan with Freeview numbering and
> outputs a new file with VDR's channel data but resorted and with the
> Freeview numbering added.

Actually, this script isn't much use after all. When scan's run in vdr
compatibility mode (which isn't fully compatible with vdr anyway) it
misses out the part-time channels ie BBC3, CBeebies etc depending on the
time of day. And the script fails to correct the resultant clashes eg
BBCi being channel 2.

What we really need is a patch for VDR to make it get the channel
numbers and sort on them. Some sort of bootstrapping would be a good
idea too. At the moment VDR exits without any error messages if it
doesn't have a channels.conf. It should at least allow the use of the
OSD and/or ask the user for whatever info it needs to start a scan.

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