Hi Rob,

I think xmltv2vdr.pl might be a better place to start for what you are
trying to achieve... as you can point it at a TV listing web site and
extract all the EPG data for the channels listed apparently based on my
reading of threads on this list that is!


On 2/14/07, Rob Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Tony Houghton wrote:
> In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Laz wrote:
>> On Wednesday 14 February 2007 15:24, Andrew Herron wrote:
>>> Does anyone know if the Logical Channel Numbers that are used in the
>>> on Freeview DVB-T transmissions are currently handled by VDR in
>> I'm pretty sure that they're currently ignored. I tend to hand edit my
>> channels.conf every now and then to make sure channels are in the
>> order with their correct numbers.
>> The scan utility can output a vdr-format channels.conf with the channel
>> numbers included, too.
> I've had trouble in the past with VDR disagreeing with the format used
> by the output of scan so I've written a script which compares VDR's
> channels.conf with the output of scan with Freeview numbering and
> outputs a new file with VDR's channel data but resorted and with the
> Freeview numbering added.
> It uses some file locations etc which are specific to Debian and my
> local transmitter, but it can easily be altered by changing the
> upper-case variables near the top of the script.

I like the idea of this, but I am wondering how we could adapt it to
create channel lists for other networks.

As an idea what about parsing a webpage from lyngsat for Sky UK channel
numbers and ordering the channels in that way, or Sky Italia, TPS etc.

Or even all of them, but having a 1 in front.. so channel 1101 Would be
BBC 1, but 2101 Rai Uno etc..

Or is this a silly idea..?

I will look over the script a bit later.. :-)

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