Dieter Bloms wrote:

>> I've had a further look into szap's source how it detects the status
>> FE_LOCKED. Attached is an updated tuner patch which now also reports
>> details for FE_READ_STATUS.
> I've tried your patch and the new vdr-1.4.5-2 for some days now and
> it works even when I disable diseqc !
> So I have to say: greate work Reinhard and many many thanks to you !!!

Would you mind posting some of the new log lines which the last patch
added? It would be good to prove my assumptions ;-)

BTW: vdr-1.5.1 uses a further "developed" loop (in regard the the last
patch) which is much closer to what szap does. The relevant part of
dvbdevice.c looks like that:

  while (1) {
        if (ioctl(fd_frontend, FE_READ_STATUS, &Status) != -1)
           return true;
        if (errno != EINTR)
  return false;

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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