Hi list,

I've finished a fourth version of the shutdown rewrite. Again there are two patches available, one for VDR 1.5.0, and one with slight changes for 1.4.x.


- Renamed some identifiers:
  cSetup::NextWakeupEvent -> cSetup::NextWakeupTime
  cPlugin::NextWakeupEvent() -> cPlugin::WakeupTime()
  cPluginManager::GetNextWakeupEventPlugin() ->

- Dropped running playback from the list of things that need
  confirmation on shutdown. Pressing power key while playback now shuts
  down just like in live mode. Automatic inactivity shutdown still wont
  happen while playback, since playback blocks housekeeping.

- Handle setup menu restart questions in cShutdown::ConfirmRestart()
- Do not handle setup menu restart as 'emergency exit' any more
- Act differently on SIGHUP:
  Restart VDR like on setup menu restart, but dont ask questions.
  Do nothing if anything blocks restart.

- The functionality of cThread::EmergencyExit(), vdr.c:ExitCode and
  vdr.c:Interrupted is now handled by cShutdown.
- Shutdown.Exit(int) now stops the main loop and lets VDR return int as
  error level
- cThread::EmergencyExit() remains as a wrapper
- vdr.c:LastSignal partially replaces vdr.c:Interrupted

- Dropped debug output from main loop

- i18n strings added for German and Finnish:
  "VDR will shut down later - Press power to force"
  "VDR schaltet später aus - Nochmal zum erzwingen"
  "VDR sammuu myöhemmin - pakota virtakytkimellä"

  "VDR will shut down in %s minutes"
  ( note that %s will be something like 4:30 )
  "VDR wird in %s Minuten ausschalten"
  "VDR sammuu %s minuutin kuluttua"

  "Editing - shut down anyway?" ( no longer cutting ;) )
  "Schneide - trotzdem ausschalten?"
  "Leikkaus kesken - sammutetaanko?"

  "Plugin %s wakes up in %ld min, continue?"
  "Plugin %s wacht in %ld Min auf, weiter?"
  "Laajennos %s herää %ld minuutin kuluttua - sammutetaanko?"
  ( is this too long? )

  "Editing - restart anyway?"
  "Schneide - trotzdem neu starten?"

  "Press any key to cancel restart"
  "Taste drücken, um Neustart abzubrechen"



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