On Mon, Feb 19, 2007 at 08:07:05PM +0200, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> >Shouldn't it be "button" (Knopf) instead of "key" (Taste)?  I would
> >guess that most people control vdr with a remote control unit instead
> >of a keyboard.  Besides, "nappia" is shorter than "näppäintä" (as in
> >the Finnish translation of "Press any key to cancel shutdown").
> Well, I disagree in finnish terms: "Paidassani on nappeja, mutta 
> näppäimistössäni ja kaukosäätimessäni on näppäimiä".

I believe that this is a matter of taste (no pun intended).  Coincidentally,
also the English and German words (button, Knopf) can be used in connection
with pieces of clothing.

In the i18n.c of vdr 1.4.5, I can only find one label containing "button":
"Menu button closes" ("Menu-Taste schließt").  So, I guess that you can
ignore my remark.

Suggestion: replace "Setup.OSD$Menu button closes" with
"Setup.OSD$Menu key closes".

Hmm, what is the logic between "Key$" and "Button$" names?  Is there a
reason to have both "Key$Stop" and "Button$Stop"?  Perhaps one of them
should be removed.


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