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On Sat, Mar 03, 2007 at 10:12:21PM +0200, Kartsa wrote:
I did a seven minute session where I had 5 test recordings which started one minute apart and ended at the same time. After each recording had started I tested the responce of remote by just pussing menu button. After three recordings there began to be delay in menu appearance and after fourth recording the menu came up in pieces and after fifth recording there were no menu or if it ever did appear after several menu presses it was incomplete. This can be seen in the log (timeout waiting in LoadBitmap). Playback of a recording started to have small problems after third recording started and with four and five simultaneous recordings you really do not want to wath a movie like that.

If I were you, I'd run OProfile only during the heavy-load situation (3
recordings running, when you are browsing the EPG menu.  I'd try something
like this:

opcontrol --reset
sleep 2;opcontrol --start;sleep 20;opcontrol --stop

After that, you have 2 seconds to start browsing the EPG and 20 seconds
to keep browsing.  (Or to start playback and keep watching it.)

After this is done, look at

opreport -l /path/to/vdr | less

Obviously, you should compile vdr with debugging symbols enabled
(CFLAGS and LDFLAGS containing -g).
Okey, I'll try that, thanks for the tips.

Allthough I did another quick test with my PIII733 with softdevice and Matrox G400 (directfb installed) and I had no problems recording 9 simultaneous programs and still having no trouble with the menu and only (very) slight sync problems with playback. Should this be understood as a problem in dvb firmware because I did not use the video out on the ff card (cause there were none)?

Do people use more video out of video cards instead of ff card? And if so which is the best combination on video card and software?


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