Jouni Karvo wrote:

> I have also currently the responsiveness problem.  I have a P4 2.4GHz
> which runs at aout 20% load, so it should not be a performance problem.
> Currently home-made lirc, vdr-xine and 1.4.1 (and that's why I haven't
> reported before you started complaining, as I have not had the energy
> to upgrade lately).
> Earlier I had an ATI GFX card and used XV (with xine) for playback,
> and had not this problem.  After switching to nVidia GeForce FX 5200,
> it started.
> For me, the vdr watchdog helps, but it definitely is not a DVB-driver
> problem, as I have modified runvdr to _not_ to reload DVB drivers, as
> that never helps anything anyway.

Are you using xine's video output driver xxmc?

I experience deadlocks with this driver on either nVidia or Via EPIA
hardware. For example, when you replay a recording and press the pause
button: the pause symbol (OSD) will never appear on screen, input_vdr's
RPC thread blocks forever, vdr-xine waits for the RPC result while VDR
is caught in cXineOsd::Flush().

I'm working on this issue but still do not have a complete solution to
it: the deadlock is gone, but the OSD is still not shown on screen.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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