On Sat, Feb 03, 2007 at 10:43:37AM +0000, Laz wrote:
> What type of remote receiver are you using? I've had delays with some remotes 
> but not others:
> 2. PCI Nova-T receiver through lirc: works much better than the USB receiver 
> but does feel as if there is a lag between pressing keys and things 
> happening. Does sometimes do the buffering thing mentioned above but nowhere 
> near as bad.

I got rid of this lag by disabling the asynchronously running repeat
timer in the kernel:


The file ir-common.c has been renamed to ir-functions.c, but this
still applies cleanly to the kernel.

I'm using the linuxinput driver of DirectFB via softdevice.  The remote
plugin adds a layer of abstraction.  If I remember correctly, it reduced
the repeat rate, but there wasn't any noticeable lag.  That is, I could
open up a long menu, such as the EPG, and navigate to the desired line
by pressing and holding the Down button.  Without my kernel patch, the
cursor would end up a few lines before or after the desired spot.


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