Heikki Manninen schrieb:

On su, 2007-03-18 at 15:46 +0100, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

You can disable all the cThread::EmergencyExit() calls if you don't want
this. Maybe I should disable this by default in a future version - and wait
until people start complaining because recordings are broken... ;-)

I personally don't believe/experience that driver problems cause broken
recordings nowadays or have been causing them in the past year or two.

I find this behaviour very irritating in VDR - mainly because of the
facts in list thread "Handling of temporarily encrypted channels"
Shouldn't it be enough to do not sprecify -w option ? :

 -w SEC,   --watchdog=SEC activate the watchdog timer with a timeout of SEC
                          seconds (default: 0); '0' disables the watchdog

If not, in future vdr versions it should maybe handled like that ? I personally own a card combo which have needed this feature one of the most i guess (TT FF + SkyStar2 both SAT) and with drivers since around 2.6.16 it's running rock stable now. Wasn't there development ongoing to be able to do a "live" ARM reset without reloading the driver within a fraction of the time ?

My 2 cents are, it was "a good thing" but nowadays something more sophisticated should be put in place. Think nobody would mind 1-3 restart to get the driver going, but after that the recording should be switched off and a comment or status should mark it with the reason of failing. (all only thinking in new dev version development direction.


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