I demand that martin may or may not have written...

> That’s crazy man!
Was that supposed to be an apostrophe? I ask because I see here a box symbol,
representing an unknown character...

Your message's headers say ISO8859-1. Character code 0x92 is undefined in
ISO8859-1, and therefore may not be properly viewable everywhere (except with
software which has workarounds for broken messages generated by buggy MS

> Solve the problem, but do not disturb the whole system.

You should take your own advice - stop using broken MS products, or at least
configure them to use the correct encoding, in this case Windows-1252.

(Actually, in that encoding, it's a single close quotation mark, not an
apostrophe. So, strictly, it's *still* wrong, but at least it'd look
something like what it's supposed to be.)

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> Cheers,
> Udo

That's not properly quoted. It could be taken for text that *you*'ve written.

Again, you should take your own advice.

And don't top-post.

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