Okay: how to tell my granny, that she can't watch her recording, because
some emergency exit is going on?
* Hot to tell her, that the sat dish is moving?
-> This is nothing for a normal enuser, there must be another solution!

Let me tell you a story: all of our PC's are connected to the internet.
Suddenly, the Internet connection is broken down. Now, the PC reboots itself
every minute! That’s crazy man! Solve the problem, but do not disturb the
whole system.

Last time I had to retune the dish - again the wind problem - it has moved
the dish. I was unable with Femon to put it back to work, because VDR
constantly rebooted itself and as I am not using a FF card, I always had to
restart Xine. Again: this is no sound setup.

When there is a problem, try to fix it .. otherwise we could go directly
with software of the richest men in the world.
I say: happy blue screen and "reboot is good"!

Please Klaus, I beg you on my knees: make your software useable for "normal"

Thanks in advance,

PS: Hunt down those developers of firmware, that make buggy programming. :)
I had 10 people sitting around today, trying to watch the movie. All said:
wau, what a great system - I will also need a VDR. After 5 Minutes everbody
told me its shit - sorry to say that. Well I still know, that it's the best,
but all the other 9 are not convinced.

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Heikki Manninen wrote:
> On su, 2007-03-18 at 15:46 +0100, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> You can disable all the cThread::EmergencyExit() calls if you don't want
>> this. Maybe I should disable this by default in a future version - and
>> until people start complaining because recordings are broken... ;-)
> I personally don't believe/experience that driver problems cause broken
> recordings nowadays or have been causing them in the past year or two.

Well, at least I will re-enable (or reverse-patch) this feature back 
into my VDR, as it saved many recordings for me. This fallback is only 
triggered if a scheduled recording is getting not a single byte of data 
for at least one minute, so there's IMHO something seriously wrong about 
it. And in many cases, a clean restart fixes this for me - because for 
me its usually a malfunction of the tuner / multiswitch communication, 
and a power down / power up of all LNB power helps.



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