2007/3/19, martin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Maybe Tero's can give us more input of his error handling script. This
sounds a more reasonable way of handling exceptions.

Well basically it is quite simple, but I don't know how well it suites
other drivers than dvb-ttpci/av7110.

I've configured vdr as a service which loads/unloads dvb modules and
starts/stops vdr. When vdr is started also this small monitor script
is started.

Content of monitor script in pseudocode:

put last 30 lines of syslog to tempfile
check for errorlines of tempfile with grep
if errorline found
 service vdr restart
 sleep 30

Currently I have following patterns specified as errorlines:
'dvb-ttpci: StopHWFilter error'
'dvb-ttpci: StartHWFilter error'
'av7110_send_fw_cmd error'


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