JJussi wrote:
Hi to everybody!

I have strange sound problem...

I have VDR machine with 3x Terratec Cinergy (mark 3) DVB-C cards, xineliboutput settings are "local=none, remote=37890".

If I connect with "vdr-sxfe xvdr://htpc --audio=alsa" at some other computer (at network) everything works fine and I can hear audio of tv-broadcast..

BUT, if I do same "vdr-sxfe xvdr://htpc --audio=alsa" at my HTPC (that machine what have those DVB-C cards and it's connected to LCD-TV and 5.1 amp.) I get no sound what ever (no front, rear or surround) from tv-broadcast.. HOWEVER, if I select "Menu - Media Player - Play file" and select some AVI, MPEG, MP3, OGG or DVD... I get sound...
Same problem exists if I try to play Recorded tv-show...

So, have somebody some ideas why can't get (broadcast) sound at local machine, but sound works at remote machines...

You might not have the correct decoder installed. Check with "xine --list-plugins" and see under "Audio decoders" whether they contain different set of decoders on local and remote hosts.


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